The CSPS Project consists of six (6) key functional or capability areas shown in the graphic below. These capability areas work together to link the integrated end-to-end business processes that occur from Hire to Retire. Transactions and data recorded for each of these interrelated capabilities are used to drive calculations for expense reimbursements, remitting taxes, disbursing payments to third parties and issuing payroll to the employee.    

picture of a person walking up stairs that are labeled with Position Control: Manage Positions, Personnel Admin: Manage Employee Data, Benefits Administration: Elective Benefits, Time and Attendance: Manage Employee, Payroll: Prepare Payroll.

Position Control: is where numerous position attributes are stored like position number, title, description, date established, location, time base, tenure and funding source.

Personnel Administration: is where all employee related data is captured such as employee name and address, tax withholdings, retirement plans and disability events.

Benefits Administration: captures an employee’s benefits such as vision, dental, health and elective benefits such as group legal and flexible spending plans.

Time Management: captures all data related to an employee’s time such as work schedules, absences and attendances, leave approvals, FMLA events, leave donations and leave accruals.

Travel Advance and Expense Management: captures an employee’s travel expenses and processes reimbursements for travel and non-travel business expenses.

Payroll: is where the data captured by the other capabilities is used to calculate gross pay, apply deductions and pay differentials and then disburse payments.