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The CSPS Project will modernize the human resource management and payroll system in order to provide accurate and timely personnel and payroll services with quality customer service.

Picture of CSPS Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL) timeline. 2017-2018 Stage 1: Business Analysis. 2018-2020 Stage 2: Alternative Analysis. 2020-2021 Stage 3: Solution Development. 2020-2022 Stage 4: Project Readiness and Approval








Enable on-line view capabilities: Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) portals for on-line view capabilities for payroll, employment history, leave balances, and tax information.Improve end user functionality: Provides employees and managers the ability to update personnel and payroll information through an ESS and MSS portal with ability to update bank account information, tax withholdings, and employee addresses.Improved Reporting Capabilities. Provides users with user-friendly ad-hoc reporting tools for data analytics to reduce the time it takes to provide requested reports that contains personnel and payroll information.

Automated validation and compliance checks. Proactive point of entry validation and compliance checks to reduce manual processing time for re-work such as leave balances, incorrect over-time rate indicated, missing reason for sick leave, and incorrect determination of excess hours.Timely implementation of laws and rules. Ability to timely implement new laws and/or rules which will increase program service levels, resulting in cost avoidance.Enhanced security compliance. Reduce information security and privacy risks by implementing privacy controls that align with state, federal, and national standard which are role based security access reducing the state's risk posture.