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Project Timeline

The project timeline will be structured by the California Department of Technology's Project Approval Process (PAL). The PAL process will be the development of the solution. 



The Legacy System that everyone uses currently was developed in the 70s, a lot has changed since then. Our needs, expectations, and technologies have developed over the years and the way we do payroll seeks a way to change with them.

In 2017, the CSPS Project had begun and the first stage in our PAL Process had finished. Stage 2 was completed in 2021 and stage 3 is estimate to be completed in the same year. Selecting a vendor will be a trying time, while looking for a vendor that can deliver and execute our vision, we will also look to select a vendor within out budget and timeline objectives while serving our state employees to the best of their ability.

In 2022, integrating a solution and onboarding a chosen vendor will be a highlight of our project. Here the fruits of our labor will start to take shape and we can see what the physical product will look like. We estimate that 2023 and 2024 will be the time where we design and develop the product. Testing and implementation will take up a lot of our time here as well.

We have an estimated “Go-Live” year date set at 2025 with support for our workers years after. As a project, especially one of this size and scale, it would be irresponsible of us to announce definite times and dates for completion. Currently, we can forecast as best we can to give an educated answer for the time of completion. With lessons learned and with the help of those around us, we can strive to meet these dates and deliver a revolutionized human resources and payroll system.