Need to Contact PPSD or Seek Additional Information?

Statewide Customer Contact Center (SCCC)      

  • HR staff may contact PPSD at (916) 372-7200                                                       
  • The directory is available here: SCCC Directory
  • If your call is not answered promptly, press 1 to leave a voicemail.                                  
  • Before calling for status of a document, please check the Weekly Processing Dates for CS and CSU to see which received dates are currently being processed. 

Escalation Email:

Additional Contact Information:

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Support: (916) 322-3770 or
  • California Automated Travel Expense Reimbursement System (CalATERS): (916) 324-9991 or
  • California Leave Accounting System (CLAS)/Payroll Input Process (PIP): (916) 327-0756 or
  • California State University System (CSU) Inquiry:
  • Decentralized Security & ViewDirect Access: (916) 619-7234 or
  • Deductions:
  • HR Suggestions Email (All HR Staff):
  • Management Information Retrieval System (MIRS):
  • PPSD Reception: (916) 445-5361
  • Statewide Tax Support Program, W-2 Unit: (916) 445-2847 or

ConnectHR and Cal Employee Connect (CEC)  

  • ConnectHR is an administrative portal that allows HR staff to access pay and leave balance information on behalf of employees and to upload a range of personnel transactions documents electronically. Human Resources (HR) offices must submit these documents through ConnectHR. For questions, contact:
  • CEC is a secure self-service portal that allows state employees to view, print, and electronically save their own W-2, leave balances, direct deposit earnings statements, and more. For assistance, contact the CEC team directly here.

Electronic Transaction Process 

  • In an ongoing effort to streamline business processes, and create efficiencies for our customers, the SCO encourages departments with their own internal HR systems to consider submitting common transactions electronically for processing.  Using the record layouts and instructions found in the links below, agencies can create and submit data files securely to SCO through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and reduce the need to mail hardcopy documents or scan and email softcopy documents.  This process does not replace PIP. If your department uses PIP regularly, absent an internal HR system, please continue to do so.
  • SCO will accept all forms of digital/electronic approval from department HR office employees authorized to sign personnel and payroll documents. Departments must retain their original, signed documents (wet signature or electronic signature, if used) for audit purposes. 

Key Initiatives:

Weekly Processing Dates: