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The California Automated Travel Expense Reimbursement System has been enhanced to meet the various needs of the State and industry standards. We welcome you to CalATERS Global.  We provide a web-based solution for travel advance and expense reimbursement processing that includes automated audits of statewide travel rules, form tracking, management reporting capabilities, and much more. To learn more about CalATERS Global, please contact us by using the hyperlink.

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What's New

  • CalATERS is currently only compatible with Java SE 8.
  • CalATERS Global is compatible with Java 8 Update 202 (03/27/2019).
  • Oracle Java SE 8 Licensing (please refer to CalATERS Global Letter 19-003):

    • Starting with Java SE 8 Update 211 (released on 4/16/2019) Oracle changed the licensing for using Java.
    • Please review Oracle's licensing for Java SE 8 Update 211 and onwards before installing.
    • Java SE 8 up to and including Update 202 (released 01/15/2019) can still be use based on Oracle's previous Java SE 8 licensing.
    • If your department needs to stay on Java SE 8 Update 202, there’s a process to allow only trusted sites/applications to use Java.  Please contact for further information.

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For Department Travel questions and assistance, please contact your department help desk.

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