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The State Controller’s Office has upgraded the California Automated Travel Expense Reimbursement System (CalATERS) to CalATERS Global.  The primary purpose of the upgrade is to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

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What's New
  • Letter 13-002: New Per Diem Rates and High Cost Counties
  • Letter 13-001: CalATERS 2012-2013 Fiscal Year-End Activities
  • CalATERS is compatible with Java 7 Update 40 on Internet Explorer. Firefox and Chrome do not have compatible Java plugins for Version 7. (updated 09/30/2013)
    • Due to extra security in new versions of Java, users behind departmental proxies may get an additional Java authentication challenge which adds more time to loading CalATERS. When asked to provide credentials for the Java authentication, use your windows username, password, and domain. Please refer to your IT department if you have questions regarding the proxy authentication.
    • Most departments now have a combination of 32/64 bit operating systems on their networks so care needs to be taken to ensure that the Internet Explorer and Java versions are the same (e.g., if Internet Explorer is 32 bits, Java also needs to be 32 bits)
    • The recent Java exploit does not compromise any Java application, it just allows malicious code to be executed on a computer that has visited an untrusted website specifically created to take advantage of the exploit.  The original author of the malicious code can gain access to the infected computer with the same privileges as the user accessing the computer, but the application itself is not compromised.
  • CalATERS Technical FAQ (updated 09/27/2011)

  • A Tip: Verify the information in your profile for prompt processing of your claim.
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