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Controller’s Council of Economic Advisors

As part of an initiative to collect the best information possible on California’s financial health and trends, State Controller John Chiang appointed seven California economic experts to a new Controller’s Council of Economic Advisors. The panel will advise the Controller on emerging strengths and vulnerabilities in California’s economy, major issues and trends that may affect the State’s fiscal health, and how to make the best use of limited government revenues and resources.

The panel comprises experts in various fields, including demographics, education, housing, energy, urban real estate, regional economics, emerging domestic markets, high-tech cluster development and environmental and natural resource economics. In addition to providing information and recommendations to the Controller, the members also will write articles addressing the diverse aspects of California’s economy for a key Controller publication – the “Summary Analysis of the Statement of General Fund Cash Receipts and Disbursements” – which analyzes cash-flow reports issued monthly by the Controller.