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Property Owner Advocate

Fraud Alert

Postcard Mailings - July 2016

The State Controller's Office has received inquiries from the public reporting the receipt of generic postcards prompting individuals to call a toll-free number regarding an unclaimed property notification. The State Controller's Office is not connected with the mailing of these postcards and cautions the public from calling a number from an unknown source. Start your search for property here.

Suspicious Emails - July 2014

The State Controller’s Office has received complaints from the public about emails received from individuals who claim to work for the State Controller. The emails instruct the recipient to contact a private attorney for assistance in recovering their lost and abandoned property, including that from a relative’s estate. The State Controller does not send out unsolicited emails about unclaimed property, nor would she refer individuals to a private attorney. It is a violation of state law for individuals and companies to falsely identify themselves as representing a state official. If you receive similar solicitations, please forward them to the Controller’s office at so the Controller’s legal office can pursue appropriate action. The Controller strongly recommends that you not respond to these false solicitations, as the senders are seeking personal information and will charge fees for recovering property that you can obtain for free by searching here.

Mission of the Unclaimed Property Division

The mission of the Unclaimed Property Program is to (a) reunite lost and abandoned property with their rightful owners and to (b) safeguard these properties from being used by private interests for personal gain. To enhance the efforts of the State Controller's Office in reuniting millions of Californians with their lost, forgotten or abandoned property, State Controller wrote the Property Owner Bill of Rights. For more information click here

Role of the Property Owner Advocate

The Property Owner Advocate's Office was created by State Controller to assist individuals, businesses and local governments who have been unable to resolve their property claims in a timely manner. The Advocate works with the claimant to use all administrative remedies available to resolve the claim. The Advocate also works with the Unclaimed Property Division to implement procedures and policies to continuously improve customer service.

If you are having difficulty getting your issue resolved through the standard review process, the Property Owner Advocate's Office is available to provide an independent review of your claim.