Notice To Investigators

Update of On-Line Estates of Deceased Persons Data

Notice to Investigators - On-Line Estates of Deceased Persons Date

The Unclaimed Property Division is pleased to announce an update for the Estates of Deceased Persons Data. This updated file will be available for download on Monday, April 3, 2023.  The Estates of Deceased Persons File contains estates of deceased persons remitted to the State of California pursuant to Probate Code and Code of Civil Procedure section 1300 et seq.  The Estates of Deceased Persons File displays these properties indexed by the following four categories: The State of California’s Property ID Number, decedent’s name, reported heir(s) and the property’s available balance.


Revisions to Investigator Forms

Notice to Investigators– Revisions to Investigator Forms

The Unclaimed Property Division (UPD) is pleased to announce that the Claim for Abandoned Property Form, Standard Investigator Agreement, Standard Investigator Agreement – Estates, and the Investigator Handbook have been updated.


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