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Filing Instructions For Heir Filing A Deceased Owner Claim

If the Deceased Owner is listed in our database or on our website, and you are filing this claim as an Heir, Trustee, or Personal Representative/Executor/Administrator

The following provides detailed information on what documentation is needed in order for us to verify your ownership of the property. If the deceased owner has the same name as the one on the account, it does not necessarily mean that they are the owner. There are many people who share the same name. To make sure our office is able to verify that you are the rightful owner, you must provide all the required documentation. If you are the heir of a deceased account owner, you will also be asked to provide certified copies of  the official documents, such as a will or trust, that proves that you are entitled to claim the property. If there is no will or trust, additional forms will need to be filled out.

Although the Social Security Number (SSN) is our primary method of verification, we sometimes cannot verify a claim based on the SSN because the company reporting the property did not provide an SSN when transferring the property to us. In these cases, we will need the additional documentation listed in the filing instructions to verify your claim. If you have these documents available, please submit them when you file your claim to ensure the processing of your claim is not delayed.

Print the filing instructions and list of documentation that must accompany your signed Claim Affirmation Form.