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Filing Instructions For A Business

If the Business name is listed in our database or on our website, and you are filing this claim as an Official for a Business, Corporation, Non-profit Organization, Partnership, or Association...

The following provides detailed information on what documentation will be required in order to verify your ownership of the property. Having the same company name as that on an account does not establish ownership because companies can have the same name.  To make sure our office is able to verify that you are the rightful owner, you must provide all the required documentation.

Although the Tax ID or FEIN (Federal Employer ID Number) is our primary means of identification, sometimes we cannot verify a claim based on the Tax ID or FEIN because it was not provided by the company when they transferred the property to us. In these cases, we will need additional documentation, as described in the filing instructions, to verify your claim. If you have these documents available, please submit them when you file your claim to ensure the processing of your claim is not delayed.  

Print the filing instructions and list of documentation that must accompany your signed Claim Affirmation Form.