Requesting Pay History

The State Controller's Office processes Payment History requests for current and prior Civil Service employees. To request payment history, please download and then complete the Employee Payment History Request form, PSD-003.

Civil Service departmental Human Resource offices may now submit payment history requests via the ConnectHR Upload feature.

Organizations and individuals that do not have access to ConnectHR may submit payment history requests via Encrypted Email to:

All other requestors, and requests that cannot be sent via ConnectHR or Encrypted Email, should be mailed to the following for processing: 

Personnel and Payroll Services Division
ATTN: PPSD/PMAB Payment History Requests
PO Box 942850 
Sacramento, CA  95250-5878


Please Note:

Incomplete request forms or request forms sent via unencrypted email may encounter delayed processing.  

We are able to fulfill Pay History requests where the payment issue date is January 01, 1984, or later. 

Processing time is two to three weeks upon receipt of the completed payment history request. 

If you need to request California State University (CSU) Payment History, please contact the Human Resources office at the CSU campus directly.