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CA Controller Adds 2014 Salary Data for State, UC, CSU, Superior Courts to Website

Contact: JOHN HILL
(916) 445-2636

SACRAMENTO — State Controller Betty T. Yee has updated her Government Compensation in California website to include 2014 self-reported data for state government, county courts, University of California, and California State University – a total of about 650,000 positions and $32 billion in wages. 

Users of the site can:

  • View compensation levels on maps and search for compensation by region;
  • Narrow results by name of entity or by job title;
  • Build charts and trend graphics; and
  • Export custom reports or raw data.

Since the site was launched in 2010, it has registered more than 8 million page views. The site now contains information on more than 2 million jobs in California, as reported by each government entity.

The newly published data include 240,736 positions in 150 state departments; 275,257 positions in 10 UC institutions and the UC president’s office; 113,857 positions in 23 CSU institutions and the CSU chancellor’s office; and 20,316 positions in 58 Superior Courts.

The Controller will add 2014 salary and benefit information for community college districts, First 5 Commissions, and fairs and expositions in August. Data for K-12 public schools will be added in October. 

City and county government 2014 compensation data will be uploaded in December, and special districts data will be added in February.