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Welcome to the California State Controller’s Office web page for civil service and exempt state employees and the California State University and College System.  We provide information required to manage the personnel resources of the State and to properly account for salary and wage expenditures.  The Controller’s Office helps administer two of the nation's largest public pension funds.

What's New:

Consistent with the June 26, 2013, United States Supreme Court decision, your personnel office can now accept same-sex marriage certificates for benefit eligibility and enrollment under the same rules as opposite-sex marriages. Also, if you were already in a same-sex marriage prior to the court decision and have your spouse enrolled on your health or dental benefits, the State was obligated to report those benefits as income and withhold Federal income taxes, social security, and Medicare from your pay check. 

If this applies to you, you must notify your personnel office and have them assist you to stop the extra tax withholdings on your benefits.  Not changing your enrollment leaves your tax status "as is" and Federal income taxes, social security, and Medicare will continue to be withheld at the higher rate.  The State Controller can make this change both for current and prior years. Please contact your personnel office to make changes and get answers to any questions.

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